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This past week, the 10-year yield basically sat still.  Even though the FED increased as expected, apparently that was already baked into current interest rates.  For now, all is quiet.

Strategic Partnerships and Helping Each Other:

I thought I would just ramble a bit this week with regards to strategic partnerships.  If I step back, then this is basically business partners helping each other succeed.  That has been the impetus behind this weekly email since its inception.

Each week, I try to share things that might be helpful in your business or with your clients.  This week, I want to reach out to all and suggest you consider sharing some of your great ideas for the benefit of others.

These could be in the areas of (but not limited to):

  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Organization
  • Management
  • Etc.

If I get some ideas that are worth sharing, then I am happy to get you some press here.  Your ideas can help others; and also help others understand that they might want to consider forming a virtual partnership with you.  There are some very bright minds out there that can share ideas for the benefit of many.

I feel very fortunate as this weekly write-up has helped many understand how I do business.  And, I am more than happy to allow others to share their thoughts here as well.

Trust me, it works.  We all would love to have referrals coming in all the time. Well, as we all help each other, we create deeper relationships.  These relationships extend out to our connections.  So, guess what? When a connection runs into someone needing assistance, then it stands to reason that the connection will want to refer someone that they have connected with and trust.  Or, they will want to thank the individual that somehow helped them solve a problem.

So, extend yourselves a bit.  Be more willing to help each other succeed.  Not only will it help your business, but it makes it all a bit more fulfilling.

Okay, I am at that closing point for this week.  I am hopeful that I will get a few ideas/suggestions from those of you that read this note weekly.  If not, then you all are stuck with me once more!

Investments Opportunities for Purchase with Strong Cash Flow:
Back on the January 15th update, I wrote about “Creating Residential Listings Using Commercial Opportunities.”  Each week,  I am presenting some of those investment opportunities to better educate all on what is actually available.  Note that these are all Single Tenant Net Leased properties that have listed in about the last 10 days.  In addition, I assumed a 5.25% loan with 50% down.  This is just a small sample of what is actually available.
If you assume investors in the Bay Area are getting a cash flow of 3.5%, then you can see the potential improvement with these properties above.  This approach is great for the investors desiring increased cash flow, an opportunity to get out of daily property management, and/or taking the challenges of rent control off the table.  Should you wish to discuss any of these or others, then give me a call.

That’s it for this week.  As always, feel free to give me a call with any of your strategic financing needs.

Articles of Interest:

Bloomberg reported “Powell Lauds Economy as Fed Nudges Up Interest-Rate Hike Path.”

CNBC reported “These are the 15 US cities attracting the most millennials—LA and New York didn’t make the list.”

The Real Deal reported “Chinese EB-5 investors in major New York developments want their millions back.”

The SJ Mercury News shared “Nation’s top three most expensive places for renters: all in Bay Area.”

The SJ Mercury News also shared “Bay Area’s stark gaps between haves and have-nots.


See the table below for approximate interest rates.
Type Rate Fixed Term
Apartments 4.365% – 4.900% 3 to 10 year (30 yr amortization)
Commercial 4.675% – 5.200% 3 to 10 year (25 yr amortization)
SBA Lending Call for Options Call for Options