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Commercial Mortgage San Jose Ca

The Uncommon-Sense Approach to Commercial Mortgage Lending

Investment real estate is about creating and enhancing wealth. In order to maximize your returns, you must get a commercial mortgage that meets your financial objectives; and sometimes that means getting no mortgage at all. Our job is to help you succeed and make our recommendations based on our role as client advocate. At the core of this principle, is the unwavering commitment to point out areas of concern, create calm from chaos, and own issues through to resolution. We call this our Uncommon-Sense Approach to protecting our clients’ best interests.

Read what some of our recent clients say about getting a commercial mortgage with SV Commercial Lending.

The Big Picture

Your loan is one piece of your financial puzzle. We look at how your loan affects your other financial objectives. We ask questions to let you know what we would do if we were you and why. If it makes sense to do the loan, then we will make that recommendation; and if it does not, then we will tell you that as well.

Every Commercial Mortgage Deal has a Story

Every deal has a story and chances are that we’ve heard it before. Whether you’re a major lending institution looking to service your existing clients or an individual in need of a commercial mortgage, we stand out by looking at factors that others have not considered; and then we offer comprehensive funding solutions.
SV Commercial Lending