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Marty Lefton is dedicated to creating and preserving wealth for clients by providing highly comprehensive and strategic financial lending solutions. He uses a holistic approach by first understanding as many of the pieces of a client’s situation as possible, and then looking at what makes the best financial sense for the client.

Getting a commercial loan funded is only one piece of the puzzle; and whether he is working for a Banker, Lender, Commercial Broker, Real Estate Agent or an Individual, Marty is dedicated to keeping client relationships intact by focusing on efficiencies and doing the right thing.

•   Looks at the big picture before making recommendations
•   Takes pride in making the effort to see what others choose to avoid
•   Clearly communicates options based on sound financial principles and experience

Real estate financing has a lot of moving parts and entities associated with it; and Marty has a unique understanding of how the parts interact due to his background that ranges from commercial and residential financing to real estate development to investments and insurance.

Marty’s objective with his clients is to use this vast background to protect clients from having to needlessly pay for education and experience that they do not possess. Marty’s dedicated to protecting the interests of his clients; and he believes that his network of advisors must share in his belief of protecting the client’s interests. Marty’s advisors are hand-picked so clients can save time and money by working with like-minded professionals.

Marty’s reputation for doing what he says has allowed him to be surrounded by quality professionals in banking and lending. These professionals utilize Marty as part of their own virtual team; and they often look to Marty when their lending constraints such as geographical location or debt service ratios do not meet the criteria of their institution. These relationships benefit the bankers, the lenders, and most importantly the clients by providing a team to create solutions that otherwise would not exist.

This overriding or uncommon sense business attitude has been part of Marty’s approach for the last 25 years. Doing the right thing is a way of being for him. Many professionals fear telling a client no. Fortunately, Marty prides himself in having an opinion, letting folks know his recommendations, and then explaining his reasons for the approach.

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