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Searching for an SBA loan?

Great.  Here are a few things you should know about SBA Loans for Commercial Real Estate.

  • Lack of Transparency: Most lenders will not proactively inform you if their programs are competitive, potentially putting you at a large disadvantage without your knowledge.
  • It is critical that you get a second opinion on any loan proposal that you receive.
  • Utilizing a Strategic Commercial Mortgage Broker allows you to compare the offer made by your financial institution to several other institutions.

No Obligation
There is absolutely no obligation for this discussion. We will make sure you understand all costs to ensure you are making an informed decision.

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The Impact of Interest Rates:

• It’s essential to understand the significance of even a 2% rate difference on a $2,000,000 loan.

• For instance, a 2% difference amounts to an additional yearly payment of approximately $32,852 and an increased payment of about $821,309 over 25 years.

• Getting a second opinion is crucial to ensure your rate is optimal for your unique situation.

Before you agree to any terms, you must first understand how the program works. (Hint: we can help with that.) Then, depending on your financial situation, we can determine if an SBA loan is right for you or if you may be better off getting a conventional loan.

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Purchase commercial property
and pay rent to yourself

Though you’re not ready to sell your business, we can help you utilize an SBA loan to stop renting, build your business, and potentially create a real estate asset.

Lock a Long-Term Rate

Learn how to lock in a fixed rate through SBA to maximize your profits and control expenses. SBA loans allow you to fix your interest rate long-term which insulates you against future lease payment increases.

Sell your business and generate
a long-term stream of income

Sell the business, but retain the real estate. It is a great way to sell the business; with a built-in revenue stream. SV Comm can even help you build a loan package to the SBA that details how the loan will be leveraged.

SBA real estate loans offer long-term, fixed-rate financing, which can provide small businesses with stability and predictability in their loan payments. SBA uses clear guidelines for different industries. SV Commercial Lending will position and protect your interest.

No Obligation
Feel free to give us a call with your situation.  We will make sure you understand all costs to ensure you are making an informed decision. There is absolutely, no obligation for this discussion. Please be forthright and organized with all your information, as it will allow us to present you in the best light.

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